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Choose the license model

You can purchase MC FLO as a single-user license or as a corporate license.
The single-user license is valid for one year, two years or is unlimited in time. Updates for at least one year are free of charge.
Corporate licenses are agreed individually.

Order in the shop

Select the required license model from the shop and enter your Windows user name under remarks ("Bemerkungen"). 

Pay conveniently using Paypal. Please note that the license key will be sent about 48 hours after receipt of the order.


Take advantage of our service Get it now! and you will immediately receive MC FLO and a test license key (30-days validity).

You test before you pay

Get it now! gives you access to a fully functional MC FLO, which you can try with the test license for 30 days. After receipt of the license fee, you will receive the personal licence code.

So our FAQ for MC FLO specifications.