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Who We Are

The desire to create simple solutions when decisions under uncertainty have to be taken is our driving force. Which amount should be considered in corporate planning for different scenarios (best, real, worst) in the coming years? Are we confident that an investment has a positive net present value? Which drivers are relevant to maximize profits? What is the value-at-risk of a portfolio? Will a project be completed within a certain time? How can we incorporate "prescriptive analytics" and automated forecasts into Excel efficiently and understandably? So MC FLO arose.


And the key: we wanted to create an experience that users already know. From their daily practice. Easy-to-use operation, rapid model development, traceable results and maximum transparency is our commitment. 


That's why we make MC FLO so easy that it's simple to use and instantly productive. Monte Carlo simulations are now to be used by a broad population - from the engineer to the controller. 



Owner: Florentín González López

Meisenweg 7

3110 Münsingen



UID-Number: CHF 334.860.723




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