Monte Carlo Simulation MC FLO Excel

WHat is MC FLO?

  • MC FLO enables you to simulate high-complex systems with the Monte-Carlo approach
  • Simulations make it easier for you to take decisions - whether you are launching a new product, in the case of corporate planning, project management, portfolio selection...
  • MC FLO shows you which variables influence significantly the results, which risks to assume and where action is needed to increase success
  • Available as 32-bit or 64-bit version

What is the difference between MC FLO AnD other simulation programs?

  • MC FLO is a lightweight and yet powerful Excel add-in that runs under Microsoft Windows
  • MC FLO is designed to be easy to use and is 100%-Excel, using the .net technology
  • Easy-to-use operation, rapid model development, meaningful results and maximum transparency is our commitment
  • All diagrams and the values of the results are created with pure Excel functions and can thus be easily passed on to third parties who have not installed MC FLO
  • MC FLO allows you to load any iteration into the model workbook and thus understand the logic and correctness of the calculations. MC FLO increases the audit capability of your calculations
  • You can load MC FLO into Excel if required. Thanks to the full Excel integration as Excel add-in, the calculations run quickly and safely
  • Option to define real, worst and best case scenarios

What offers MC FLO?

  • Up to 5'000 input variables, 100 for time series
  • Up to 5'000 output variables
  • Up to 2'500 correlations (Spearmans Rho)
  • 17 continuous distributions
  • 7 discrete distributions
  • 5 time series processes
  • Up to 1 million iterations per simulation in an Excel workbook (more than 1 million iterations in the preview simulation modus)
  • Graph: histogram, cumulative distribution, tornado (correlation), min-max, regression equation, wizard for graphical selection of distribution
  • Statistics: Min, Max, Mean, Quantiles (and Best, Real, Worst-Case), Variance, Standard deviation, Skewness, Kurtosis, Confidence interval
  • Built-in estimation function to determine the distribution / time series of historical data
  • Color-coded input, output and correlation variables for easy comprehension of the model
  • Visual simulation (charts created in Excel are updated during each iteration)
  • Graphical assistant for correlations: See directly how distributions and time series behave during design time
  • Option to lock / unlock input variables
  • Preview simulation: See graphically the correlations, input variables and the results before executing a complete simulation run
  • Automated and simulation-based forecasts for time series

License model

  • The license is issued to the user and is thus transferable to any computer. The prerequisite is that the computer name is on all computers according to the license key
  • Corporate licenses are agreed individually
  • Temporal licenses require an Internet connection for simulation calculations. The unlimited license can be operated completely offline
  • Data protection and privacy is guaranteed

This simple program shows you where to install the license key. Download me.