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Current status: July 2018, version Santiago.

Change log

Date Version Category Comments
05/07/2018 Santiago IMPROVE User manual updated
25/06/2018 Santiago FIX/IMPROVE Minor corrections, range checking using graphical wizard
05/06/2018 Santiago FIX/IMPROVE Minor corrections, correlation window adapted
27/05/2018 Santiago FIX Minor corrections
19/05/2018 Santiago ENHANCE Update Santiago IIIa
02/05/2018 Santiago FIX/IMPROVE Variance estimator for MA(1) process improved; Possibility to load/register manually created functions now available for output variables and correlations
08/04/2018 Santiago IMPROVE Parameter evaluation for fMC_Batch_Time function with native Excel Evaluate method
22/03/2018 Santiago IMPROVE Linear regression for better automatic selection of a time process
17/03/2018 Santiago FIX

Overflow on chi2 fitting corrected

04/03/2018 Santiago ENHANCE

Update III

18/01/2018 Santiago FIX

ARMA(1,1) model adjusted for fitting.

14/01/2018 Santiago IMPROVE

Improved fitting with method of moments 

Pareto distribution now with minimum > 0.

Extended parameter description for exponential and gamma distribution. 

04/01/2018 Santiago FIX Random number generator for visual simulation adapted
02/01/2018 Santiago IMPROVE Results are stored faster
29/12/2017 Santiago ENHANCE Update Santiago
10/12/2017 Santiago ENHANCE Preview mode for correlations
26/11/2017 Santiago ENHANCE Statistics for preview mode
10/10/2017 Santiago ENHANCE New version Santiago
09/09/2017 Sotelo IMPROVE Fitting function optimized for large data
04/09/2017 Sotelo FIX Correlations for one period time series fixed
18/08/2017 Sotelo FIX Sum for time series adjusted to calculate Value at risk
08/08/2017 Sotelo FIX Parameter UseBefore on time processes AR(1) and Wiener adjusted
02/08/2017 Sotelo IMPROVE Theil's U statistics for time series improved
31/07/2017 Sotelo ENHANCE Aggregation for time series
22/07/2017 Sotelo ENHANCE Visual correlation building, Iman-Conover now for time series
28/05/2017 Sotelo FIX Offline data loaded completely
14/05/2017 Sotelo ENHANCE New version Sotelo
09/04/2017 Lumeares FIX Distribution parameters standardised across input formulas and visual wizard 
09/04/2017 Lumeares ENHANCE Pre-visualisation of input variables (easter egg)
19/03/2017 Lumeares ENHANCE Lock / unlock input variables
19/03/2017 Lumeares FIX Better support for visual simulation
12/03/2017 Lumeares ENHANCE Kurtosis and skewness completed
01/03/2017 Lumeares FIX Orthographic corrections (English)
18/02/2017 Lumeares FIX Language settings (English) 
18/02/2017 Lumeares ENHANCE Result template added