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Current status: 10-June-2024, version Fátima, Build

Change log

Date Version Category Comments


Fátima III ENHANCE Zoom for Input/Output/Correlation windows


Fátima III ENHANCE / FIX Bayes-Factor to comparare hypothesis based on Bayes' rule


Fátima III ENHANCE / FIX Support for multiple, linear bayesian regression / more examples / Minor error in DIP corrected 


Fátima III ENHANCE/FIX Support for linear bayesian regression / more examples


Fátima III FIX/ENHANCE Lower and Upper Limit corrected for unbounded random variables. Now in case of multiple simulations the input variables can be inspected visually with their different variants 


Fátima III ENHANCE/IMPROVE Bayes classification / Extended examples


Fátima III IMPROVE User defined variables - smoother registration and improved automatization


Fátima III ENHANCE/IMPROVE The input, correlation and output variables can store any Excel function, even dynamic ones For all distribution functions/time series functions there is the option to declare a minimum and a maximum value; for continuous/time series functions additionally the option to use only discrete valuesSemivariance functions extended – you can use a lower or an upper bound for new two additional functions, Markov-Chain Monte Carlo extended: you can specify the number of bars for the histogram, from which the posterior distribution is sampled from  


Fátima III ENHANCE/IMPROVE Expert Elicitation process: MC FLO generates distributions based on defined QP pairs; AR/MA/ARMA process rearranged to provide intervals based on bootstrapping; Some bugs eliminated  (e.g. language/culture localization)


Fátima III ENHANCE/IMPROVE Logistic distribution added; AIC information changed for normal distribution


Fátima III FIX/IMPROVE Error on visual designer for hypergeometric distribution fixed; some examples "downgraded" to run on earlier versions of Microsoft Excel 


Fátima III IMPROVE Distribution fitting and multiple simulation optimized


Fátima III NEW/IMPROVE Kernel density estimation, new and adapted examples


Fátima III IMPROVE MCMC updated - use of normal instead of uniform proposal distribution; former uniform proposal can be used with fmc_BayesMCMCA function; different chart options (area, column, line) on model window. 


Fátima III NEW/IMPROVE Bayesian inference




Fátima III FIX/IMPROVE Expected shortfall extended for right-tail area; dynamic best / real / word case definition; multiple analysis of different variables simplified; function fmcFinancialDTrans for leap years; function semi-variance with threshold; Option to place output window as topmost; New functions (extended Bayesian calculations, simple function for the calculation of all correlation combinations and their corresponding correlation coefficients), quantitative risk map, adapted manual


Fátima III FIX Exception handling on dynamic sensitivity
23.02.2021 Fátima III NEW/IMPROVE New functions and dynamic sensitivity extended
06.02.2021 Fátima III FIX Error on bootstrap mean
25.01.2021 Fátima III FIX/IMPROVE Fast visual simulation (see video); Q-Q Plots for fitted distributions; improved fitting for beta distribution, automatic adjustment of correlation coefficients
31.12.2020 Fátima III FIX/IMPROVE New functions (such as portfolio composition), DIP (Decision Information Package, see video); fmc_Name can now be used across multiple worksheets and workbooks. More examples  
21.11.2020 Fátima III IMPROVE New functions and extended portfolio capabilities
01.11.2020 Fátima III FIX/IMPROVE Error on function fMC_ExtremeValue corrected; new function fMC_Name to extract the variable name of a given cell
18.10.2020 Fátima III NEW/IMPROVE New function to sum the values of a distributin. Excel-Check to investigate the model consistency. Kaos and IntelliSense library integrated into .xll file. Minor error bugs (correlation window for user-defined distributions) 
28.09.2020 Fátima III NEW/IMPROVE Accounting functions (linear depreciation), improved visual simulation
10.08.2020 Fátima III NEW/IMPROVE Newcomb-Benford und Last-Digit-Test
20.07.2020 Fátima III IMPROVE Find it out :-)
09.07.2020 Fátima III FIX/IMPOVE/NEW Error exporting large amounts of data in Excel corrected, increased speed (up to 2x faster), improved hints during model definition; new distribution to bound (truncate) existing discrete and continuous distribution
29.06.2020 Fátima IMPROVE New functions to construct a portfolio. Empty spaces are now supported to define variables, being consistent with the name manager policy of Excel. If you delete a variable, the references to that variable is replaced by "0", again to preserve Excel logic consistency; see wiki contribution (in German). 
13.06.2020 Fátima IMPROVE/FIX/NEW Reference to Excel cells in graphical wizard, online reference. Markov chain process (like rating estimation). User defined distribution adapted for discrete values. Analyse multiple variables at a glance (see video [without sound]).  
11.05.2020 Fátima FIX Error on Pascal distribution fixed
29.04.2020 Fátima IMPROVE Name of a variable can be introduced directly by reference using ribbon commando (see video). Cumulative update
04.04.2020 Fátima FIX/IMPROVE Error on distribution fitting for lognormal distribution fixed; AIC for gamma distribution adjusted; fitting for beta distribution improved; graphical thresholds for confidence level
15.03.2020 Fátima IMPROVE Fátima I. Certainty level and thresholds in the output window. Example file extended with formulas and descriptions
20.02.2020 Fátima FIX Enhanced error messages; fixed an error on user defined variables
09.02.2020 Fátima New Version Fátima
26.12.2019 Sebastián IMPROVE Minor improvements, Box-Whisker plots for multiple simulations enabled; Bugfix multiple labels on multiple simulation window; improved graphs for discrete distributions; simplification of fitting procedure. New functions for the analysis of extreme values and interval correlations; color highlighting for spider diagrams; new descriptions for several windows
10.10.2019 Sebastián FIX/IMPROVE Update
15.09.2019 Sebastián NEW Version Sebastián
22.08.2019 Sofía FIX Fixed an error in defining correlations across worksheets; Optimization when storing the result workbook. Visual simulation adapted. Error export/import MC FLO functions corrected. Preview window adapted
01/07/2019 Sofía FIX/IMPROVE Blocking variables extended to user-defined variables. Default mean value of discrete user-defined variables corrected. Screen resolution and export optimized. Visual simulation optimized. Calculation speed increased. Possibilty to run a simulation off-line if internet connection is temporally not available. Magic stripe adapted for discrete distributions
26/05/2019 Sofía FIX/IMPROVE Exceptions on time series process corrected; validation of license key improved
19/05/2019 Sofía FIX/IMPROVE Graphical variable introduction - user defined variables now doesn´t overwirte another variable in the name manager, flow optimized
05/05/2019 Sofía FIX/IMPROVE Poisson distribution for large average values; U-test for ARCH model; user handling with user definied variables optimized
26/04/2019 Sofía FIX/IMPROVE Full support for sheets with empty spaces; several improvements and minor corrections
18/04/2019 Sofía FIX/IMPROVE Fitting Gamma distribution corrected; several improvements: limit for correlations in result window, cumulative distribution function for discrete random variables
10/04/2019 Sofía FIX Sorting algorithm for Excel
06/04/2019 Sofía FIX/IMPROVE Show correlations raised an exception
31/03/2019 Sofía FIX/IMPROVE Critical bug on correlations for user defined variables; several improvements
21/03/2019 Sofía FIX Buffer overflow on magic stripe corrected. Improvement in presentation (thousand separator)
24/02/2019 Sofía FIX Various windows optimized for different screen resolutions
18/02/2019 Sofía FIX/ENHANCE Poisson distribution available again; Improved evaluations for discrete distributions
11/02/2019 Sofía ENHANCE Bootstrapping extended for percentiles
03/02/2019 Sofía ENHANCE New version
28/01/2019 Sofía ENHANCE Preview Sofía I.: user defined random variables (see video, illustrations in german)
09/01/2019 Sofía FIX/ENHANCE Sorting adapted for complementary functions; for batch function now reference to other cells are now supported for the parameters
02/01/2019 Sofía ENHANCE Simulation of forecast data for time series in map distribution windows
17/12/2018 Sofía ENHANCE New version
12/12/2018 Santiago FIX Correlations adapted
14/11/2018 Santiago FIX/ENHANCE Statistical functions added to evaluate a simulation, like expected shortfall, semi-variance, expected gain, percentile; documentation updated
22/09/2018 Santiago FIX/ENHANCE Color und distance between bars of the histogram can be changed. User manual actualized
09/09/2018 Santiago FIX/ENHANCE Naming for linear regression adapted in sheet "Sensitivity". User manual actualized
07/09/2018 Santiago FIX/ENHANCE Linear regression adapted. Estimation using linear regression in sensitivity analysis
06/09/2018 Santiago FIX Tornado chart automatically actualized after been called from preview mode
02/09/2018 Santiago ENHANCE Window fit distribution extended; Magic stripe available and results of distribution fitting can now be copied to the clipboard
19/08/2018 Santiago ENHANCE Excel range limits (rows, columns) are taken into account when manipulating large Excel data files
04/08/2018 Santiago FIX Critical bug fixed from last version. We apologize for that
01/08/2018 Santiago FIX Number of iterations in context of visual simulation adapted in result workbook
30/07/2018 Santiago ENHANCE/IMPROVE

Santiago V.

05/07/2018 Santiago IMPROVE User manual updated
25/06/2018 Santiago FIX/IMPROVE Minor corrections, range checking using graphical wizard
05/06/2018 Santiago FIX/IMPROVE Minor corrections, correlation window adapted
27/05/2018 Santiago FIX Minor corrections
19/05/2018 Santiago ENHANCE Update Santiago IIIa
02/05/2018 Santiago FIX/IMPROVE Variance estimator for MA(1) process improved; Possibility to load/register manually created functions now available for output variables and correlations
08/04/2018 Santiago IMPROVE Parameter evaluation for fMC_Batch_Time function with native Excel Evaluate method
22/03/2018 Santiago IMPROVE Linear regression for better automatic selection of a time process
17/03/2018 Santiago FIX

Overflow on chi2 fitting corrected

04/03/2018 Santiago ENHANCE

Update III

18/01/2018 Santiago FIX

ARMA(1,1) model adjusted for fitting

14/01/2018 Santiago IMPROVE

Improved fitting with method of moments 

Pareto distribution now with minimum > 0.

Extended parameter description for exponential and gamma distribution. 

04/01/2018 Santiago FIX Random number generator for visual simulation adapted
02/01/2018 Santiago IMPROVE Results are stored faster
29/12/2017 Santiago ENHANCE Update Santiago
10/12/2017 Santiago ENHANCE Preview mode for correlations
26/11/2017 Santiago ENHANCE Statistics for preview mode
10/10/2017 Santiago ENHANCE New version Santiago
09/09/2017 Sotelo IMPROVE Fitting function optimized for large data
04/09/2017 Sotelo FIX Correlations for one period time series fixed
18/08/2017 Sotelo FIX Sum for time series adjusted to calculate Value at risk
08/08/2017 Sotelo FIX Parameter UseBefore on time processes AR(1) and Wiener adjusted
02/08/2017 Sotelo IMPROVE Theil's U statistics for time series improved
31/07/2017 Sotelo ENHANCE Aggregation for time series
22/07/2017 Sotelo ENHANCE Visual correlation building, Iman-Conover now for time series
28/05/2017 Sotelo FIX Offline data loaded completely
14/05/2017 Sotelo ENHANCE New version Sotelo
09/04/2017 Lumeares FIX Distribution parameters standardised across input formulas and visual wizard 
09/04/2017 Lumeares ENHANCE Pre-visualisation of input variables (easter egg)
19/03/2017 Lumeares ENHANCE Lock / unlock input variables
19/03/2017 Lumeares FIX Better support for visual simulation
12/03/2017 Lumeares ENHANCE Kurtosis and skewness completed
01/03/2017 Lumeares FIX Orthographic corrections (English)
18/02/2017 Lumeares FIX Language settings (English) 
18/02/2017 Lumeares ENHANCE Result template added